Multimedia Classrooms: Tier 2 Classroom Technology Instructions

Some classrooms have been upgraded to include Audio/Visual (A/V) equipment to assist with onsite and remote instruction. A classroom with these upgrades is known as a “Tier 2 classroom.” A list of the classrooms can be found at the following link: Multimedia Classrooms: Classroom Technology Upgrade Project. Most of the equipment operates without user intervention and cannot be adjusted. The pictures accompanying the instructions below are similar to the equipment found in the classrooms but may not be exact.

Tier 2 Classroom Technology Instructions

Podium PC: Each classroom is equipped with a PC installed on a podium. The PC is connected to the LSU network. Access the PC by logging in with your LSU credentials.

Auto-tracking camera: The camera is mounted either near the projector or the back of the room to face the presenter and the white/chalk board. To follow the presenter, the camera needs to identify the target. It does this by defaulting its focus on the podium. Therefore, the presenter needs to start at the podium. The camera will then lock on to the person at the podium and begin tracking movement. If the presenter exits the camera range, the camera will once again default its focus back to the podium to await a new presenter.

If conducting a Zoom meeting, the Huddlecam Simpltrack 2 camera should already be selected as the video source in the Zoom video settings. For other web conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams, the camera should already be the default video source in the Settings menu. If not, you must select it.

huddlecam simpltrack 2 camera

  • Note: If teaching a remote audience, the document camera or PC should be used to display instructor content vs. writing on the whiteboard. Although the auto-tracking camera has some limited close-up focus ability, the camera will follow the instructor instead of staying focused on the whiteboard.
  • Note: The camera does not automatically record or transmit images. You must initiate a Zoom call for the camera to transmit. Also, the camera does not automatically record content. Within Teams, Zoom, or Panopto you must select the record function for the application you are using. Lastly, the camera will follow any presenter it picks up at the podium regardless of whether Zoom is being used. Again, the camera itself does not record or transmit – you must use Zoom to transmit and record.


In-Room Amplification: The ceiling tile microphone and associated speakers serve to amplify the instructors voice for both onsite and remote audiences. The microphone will amplify the onsite audience as well, although to a lesser extent. Lapel microphones are not needed in a Tier 2 classroom. The ceiling tile microphone is always active – there is nothing a user needs to do to activate it, nor can it be muted. The microphone alone does not transmit or record conversations. You must use an application like Zoom if you wish to record or transmit conversations.

the ceiling tile with microphone has a dotted x symbol

Ceiling Tile Microphone

Ceiling tile speaker

Ceiling Tile Speaker

Touchscreen selection user interface: A Tier 2 classroom is equipped with a touchscreen selection interface. The touchscreen allows the instructor to select what content the audience will see on the projection screen and will allow the instructor to display podium PC, laptop, or document camera content. The switching system also allows the instructor to use a personal laptop. If connecting the laptop to the switching system, selecting the laptop option enables the laptop to inherit the room Audio-Visual (AV) system. This allows the laptop to start a Zoom meeting and use the room amplification system and auto-tracking camera. To use the touchscreen system, press anywhere on the screen to wake the screen up. Otherwise, press the appropriate “button” on the touchscreen to select what is displayed on the projection screen.

touchscreen monitor

Data Projector: On the touchscreen, select the Projector option to power on the projector. When finished, press the button on the touchscreen to power off the projector.

Document Camera: On the touchscreen, select the Document Camera option to display the document camera on the projection screen.

document camera

Crestron Air Media/Wireless Display: This feature allows an audience member to display mobile device (laptop, cell phone, tablet) contents on the classroom projector screen. Select this option on the touchscreen panel. The audience will see instructions for connecting to the Air Media. The user will have to enter an IP address provided by Crestron, along with an access code in order to present. Only one audience member at a time can connect.


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