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General Information

Microsoft has implemented a major redesign of the service they are continuing to call “Imagine Academy.”  It is no longer an LMS style online video learning repository.  However, most of the video learning resources previously associated with the old service are now freely available online and the attached files provide links to those resources.  The term "Imagine Academy" now refers to the packaging of those resources into “learning paths” that guide you toward certification.  The attached files provide that context, but you will not be prompted to login when you use the links within them to access the online content.

PLEASE NOTE:  Attached are a OneNote package file (.onepkg) and an Excel file (.xlsx) that contain the aforementioned links.  The OneNote file provides a nicer interface but is not compatible with the “universal app” version of the OneNote client.  If you have the Enterprise version of Office 2016 installed, that version of OneNote should work.  However, if you have any problems unpacking the .onepkg file, simply use the Excel file instead. 

You will have to use the worksheet tabs (along the bottom) to switch between the different learning paths if you are viewing in Excel, but the spreadsheet provides the same links as the OneNote files.

If you would like to find additional video learning resources in addition to those above, please see the following link from Microsoft:


Eligibility & Order Procedures 

Available To:   LSU Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Delivery Timeline:  Imagine Academy Courses are available immediately upon accessing the resources attached to this article.

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8/31/2023 2:33:50 PM