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To Access Using Your myLSU ID & Password: 1. Open a Web Browser. 2. Browse to and choose Sign In at...
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To Force a Check-In in K2: 1. In SQL Management Studio, run this SQL query to find the Form that has been checked out: select * from [k2].[Form].AuditLog For example, let's say I have a Form that has been checked out by Bob on 06-02-2014 at 12:47, then please copy...
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Linux IAAS SLA Introduction This document is to establish the Service Level...
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Survey Design and Administration Best Practices* General Guidelines Response rates to online surveys typically range from 30-60%. Select only classifications of students, faculty, staff or customers that are appropriate for the topic of study (e.g., full-time vs part-time employees).
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General Information TurningPoint Clickers are devices that allow a student to respond in real-time to in-person polls, quizzes, surveys, and more. Instructors can see the results live and collect or display...
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