General Information

Available to:  LSU Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors who participate in eduroam, and Sponsored Guests.  

Available Wireless Networks that are broadcasted on the LSU Campus:

  • eduroam:
    • The wireless network that provides secure connectivity to LSU students, faculty, staff, and visitors from eduroam participating institutions.
    • First Time User? Visit this article: Internet Quick Guide
    • eduroam for LSU users requires authentication to be entered in the form of <LSU ID> and your myLSU password.
    • Account lockout policy: After the third failed sign-in attempt, the system enables the policy. The user will be temporarily locked out of the account for 15 minutes. Once the time passes, the system resets, and the user can regain access to the system by signing in. 
    • If you are having problems getting the logon box to display, you may need to clear the cached credentials
    • eduroam Wireless: LSU Overview
  • lsuguest:
  • lsuwifihelp:
    • Provides information regarding wireless connectivity at LSU. Internet Access IS NOT available on this network.
    • If you are unable to connect or need assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 225.578.3375.
    • Personal assistance is also available at LSU Library Information Commons Service Desk and Frey Computing Services Center Service Desk.
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General Information

LSU provides its faculty, staff, and students with an LSU E-mail Account and is referenced as LSUMail in this article. It is powered by the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service and the web interface has been customized for LSU.  Your e-mail address will be: [Your myLSU Account Name]  LSUMail / Office 365 is also known by the following names:  OWA, Exchange Online, Outlook, and Outlook Web App.  

Related Information

E-mail: LSU Overview

Enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Applicable for all student accounts since Fall 2019 -- NOTE: Please enroll in more than one factor

Log into LSUMail through Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Office365 ProPlus: LSU Overview  - Free Microsoft Office product with your LSUMail account

Setting Up LSUMail on your Mobile Device

Logging in using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods

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Important Announcement regarding Zoom
For security purposes, starting September 27, 2020, it will be required to set up a passcode or a waiting room for each meeting. For more information on how to do this, please see the following link: Zoom FAQ: Meetings Waiting Room and Passcode Requirements


General Information

Zoom is the new web conferencing tool at LSU. Your personal Zoom account can be used for web conferences for up to 300 people. It is available to all LSU A&M Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Zoom may be accessed at Simply use your myLSU login and password to access your Zoom account. Zoom can be integrated with your Office 365 account allowing you to schedule web meetings from your Outlook calendar. Zoom also has a Moodle integration and can be used from your Moodle course.

To join a test meeting and check your device settings ahead of time, please use this link:

NOTE: LSU’s current Zoom environment is not HIPAA compliant and should not be utilized for any purposes related to telehealth or for meetings that could potentially contain health related information. Additionally, Zoom should not be utilized for any purposes related to PCI, i.e. card payment processing. It is the recommendation of LSU ITS that Microsoft Teams meetings be utilized for any purposes that contain information governed by HIPAA. For more information, see: Microsoft Teams


myLSU User Accounts for LSU A&M Faculty, Staff, and Students are licensed for Zoom. 

  • NOTE: AgCenter and Pennington do not have access to Zoom, and instead should contact their local Service Desk for products available to them.


Zoom Security & Authentication

Please note that all Zoom meetings need to be restricted to only those users who have authenticated with their MyLSU credentials. This can be done in your Personal Meeting Room settings.

If you'd like more information on ensuring MyLSU authentication is enabled, please see the following article - Zoom: Configuring Your Room to Require MyLSU Authentication

Zoom at LSU Resources

For more information about Zoom at LSU, please view these articles:

LSU Zoom Quick Start Guide

Zoom Desktop Client

Zoom: Security Best Practices & ZoomBomb Prevention

Office 365 Zoom Plugin

Adding Zoom to a Moodle Course

How to Schedule a Large Capacity Zoom Meeting or Webinar (in Outlook)

Zoom: Viewing Transcript Files as Text

LSU Zoom: Troubleshooting & FAQ


Additional Zoom Resources

Please note that Zoom's own documentation is some of the best organized and cogently explained information available. In most cases a quick search on your personal favorite search engine for "Zoom" and any feature you'd like to know more about will return Zoom's support page on your desired feature or function. 

The links added below are about a number of features we frequently receive questions about.

Zoom Support - Scheduling Meetings

Zoom Support - Recording Meetings

Zoom Support - Screen Sharing

Zoom Support - Polling in Meetings

Zoom Support - Managing Breakout Rooms


Support Resources

If you have any questions and/or would like assistance with the processes and options listed in this article please contact the ITS Service Desk at or by calling (225) 578-3375. 

    Any Connect Logo

NOTE: Due to resource constraints, ITS is now offering an expanded VPN offering. Please refer to the following articles for instruction on using the new GlobalProtect VPN client: GlobalProtect VPN Installation
Linux and mobile clients, including Chromebooks, will continue to use the Cisco AnyConnect client as detailed in this article.
General Information

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  This is a technology that allows LSU Faculty, Staff, Students, and Retirees to securely access the LSU Network from anywhere with an Internet connection.  This is helpful when you are off-campus and need to access technologies that are only available on-campus.  Installation of the VPN client software is necessary the first time you use this tool.

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image of Office 365 ProPlus logo

General Information

Office 365 ProPlus is a new subscription plan for Office 365. It enables users or businesses to extend their Office productivity software (including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and others) to allow installations to up to 5 different devices per user. The account is tied to the user, not to any one device, so it allows seamless interaction between working on home devices and on mobile devices. It also allows users to deactivate their software in the case that any one of their devices is compromised or if a person leaves the business.

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