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General Information

The LSU Student Technology Fee funds the purchase of mobile computing devices available for check-out at the LSU Library Access Services.

A student ID is required to check out these items. Any items not returned will be charged to your fee bill.

You can also check-out equipment through Communication Across Curriculum.


You must be an LSU STUDENT to be eligible for Gear2Geaux. Unfortunately, Faculty and Staff are not eligible as these services are provided through the Student Tech Fee.


Available Gear

  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Dell Precision laptops
  • Microphones/webcams
  • HDMI cables
  • VGA Connector Cables for Mac
  • Power Cords
  • Phone Chargers: iPhone 5-11 and 4, and Android
  • Computer mice
  • Combination Locks
  • Calculators


Eligibility & Order Procedures

  • Available To: LSU Students.
  • Request Service: Check out from the Access Services desk in LSU Library.
  • Delivery Timeline: Immediate / As Available.
  • Fees: No fees to check-out items, however Late Fees and Lost Fees will apply if applicable.


Gear to Geaux Laptops

  • Gear to Geaux Laptops are tied to your MyLSU account.
  • Students are given administrative rights on the laptop.
  • For basic troubleshooting, the ITS Service Desk is available (hours and contact information).
  • For more advanced troubleshooting or hardware damage, please seek the laptop to the Library Access Services desk.
  • You are accountable for your own data, and there should be no expectation of data recovery.
  • OneDrive is preloaded and configured for Windows based laptops. This cloud storage solution is beneficial to accessing your data on multiple devices.
  • OneDrive is preloaded on MacOS laptops; however, will require user interaction for access (using your MyLSU account and password).


Laptop Setup

  • For Windows laptops, a PDF copy of the handout documentation is available at: Windows Handout to Students.
    • A more detailed version can be found on GROK: Gear To Geaux: Windows Setup Guide
    • Windows based laptops come with all software preloaded on the machine; however, there is up to a 5 minute automated process to create the Windows profile on first login.

  • For macOS laptops, a PDF copy of the handout documentation is available at: macOS Handout to Students.
    • A more detailed version can be found on GROK: Gear To Geaux: macOS Setup Guide
    • macOS based laptops install all software packages after logging into the operating system.


  • Every laptop comes preloaded with applications (Office 365, VMWare Horizon Desktop for, GlobalProtect VPN) and settings that are available.
  • When receiving your laptop for the first time, it is highly suggested to log into the laptop prior to leaving the library.



Electronics Check-Out Policy & Procedures

Eligible Borrowers:
  • Current LSU Students.
Student ID Required:
  • A current, validated LSU Student ID is required for check-out. Access is limited to students with check-out privileges; if you are delinquent for any reason you WILL NOT be able to check-out electronic devices. Students who routinely return electronic items late or who have checked out items and never returned them may lose their electronic checkout privileges.
Circulation of Electronics:
  • Items can be checked out at the LSU Library Access Services.
  • Laptops may be checked out for the duration of the semester.
  • Webcams and microphones may also be checked out for the duration of the semester. 
  • Power cords and display adapters may be checked out for 12 hours for building use only.
  • Library electronics should NOT be left unattended at any time.
  • You are responsible for the ALL materials checked out on your ID card.
  • Students are responsible for laptops while they are checked out to them. If a student experiences a problem with the laptop, then they should return it to the Access Services Desk so that it can be sent to ITS for evaluation. The library cannot guarantee that the same laptop will be available to the student once it is returned. Physical damage to a laptop while in the possession of a student will result in the assessment of a damage fee.
  • For physical damage, loss, or theft of an item and/or its peripherals, you must immediately contact LSU Library Access Services and inform them. 
Renewing Electronics:
  • Technically, electronic devices may not be renewed; they must be brought back to the Access Services desk and discharged from the student’s account. If enough items are available, the item may be checked back out to the student.
  • In order to renew a laptop, the Access Services must have at least three laptops available for other students to use.
  • NO laptop can be renewed if other patrons are waiting.
Fees & Fines:
  • Overdue fines are automatically charged to your student record.
    • $50.00 maximum overdue fine, then replacement cost will be charged. Upon return, there will be at least a $50.00 non-refundable fee which may increase depending on length of time between billing and return of item.
    • $1,680.00 replacement cost for each laptop lost - ($50 non-refundable). Note that a police report will be filed for lost equipment.
    • $30.00 processing fee will be added to the replacement cost of the item.
  • Damage or loss charges may be applied to your University Fee Bill.
  • Items will be declared lost after 24 hours past due time.
  • Library circulation privileges are suspended once items are declared lost.
  • Students who check out electronics are responsible for the FULL REPLACEMENT COST if the checked-out electronic item or any peripherals are lost or stolen. Students are also responsible for the FULL REPAIR PARTS & Services if the electronic item or any peripherals are damaged.
  • Borrowers will be notified about their fines according to standard Library Notification Procedures.
  • A $1 FINE may be charged for removed or defaced labels.
Return of Equipment:
  • Electronics are to be returned ON TIME & INTACT (with all associated pieces, cords, bags, etc.) to the LSU Library Access Services desk.
  • All laptops must be returned 15 minutes before the Access Services closes.
  • Repeated or extremely late return of electronic items may result in the loss of electronic check-out privileges.
  • All Gear2Geaux items will be declared lost when they are 24 hours overdue. If laptops are not returned, a police report will be filed with the LSU Campus Police.
Note: All bags are subject to search upon entering and leaving the library by LSU Security and/or Library or Computing Services personnel.
Regarding Personal Data and Recovery:

Students have the responsibility to back up their work when using a Gear2Geaux laptop. We recommend that students backup their work using LSU OneDrive, Files2Geaux, etc. If a laptop needs to be returned because it’s not working properly, it cannot be guaranteed that you can receive the same laptop back, or that its data can be recovered.


LSU Support & Policy Statements

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