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This article will tell you how to install the Cisco AnyConnect Client on your Chromebook or Microsoft Surface device in order to access the LSU network through a VPN connection. To Install the AnyConnect App on a Chromebook or...
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WARNING : Factory Reset will permanently delete ALL of your data and customized settings, and will also remove any installed applications. Perform a Factory...
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Below are instructions on how to find out which version of iOS you are running on your iPad: 1. Search and tap on the Settings app.
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iPhone and iPod Touch are supported on the eduroam wireless network with iOS 11 and up. Your device must also support WPA2 Enterprise to connect. In most cases, iPhones older than iPhone 5 will not connect for this reason. NOTE : If you haven't already downloaded iOS 11, visit...
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To Connect to VPN on an iPhone Device: 1. Open the AnyConnect App . 2. Touch the arrow next to LSU VPN .
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