myProxy: Service Details & Access

This article has not been updated recently and may contain dated material.

This article provides information and descriptions on the services accessible through myProxy.

Additional Services: 
This application allows the myProxy user to select or change additional services selections such as meal plan, parking, health insurance, Tiger Cash, etc.

Billing Statement: 
This application will give the myProxy user the ability to view the current balance on your account with LSU.  This application also provides myProxy user with the ability to pay your account balance on-line using a bank draft or a credit card.

If you receive the error below, please reach out to your student and ask them to accept the Fee Bill policy terms. Instructions for them to do this can be found in this article: myLSU Portal: Pay My Fee Bill

error when trying to pay fee bill

CATS Status: 
This application allows the myProxy user to view your current Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS) status.  View details, Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS): LSU Overview.

This application allows the myProxy user to view your classification. Your classification consists of three parts:  your college, year, and major. For example, the classification of a sophomore registered in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences majoring in history is HSS 2 HIST.

College Record
This application will give myProxy users  the ability to print your College Record.  The College Record is a history of your college-level course work, grades GPAs and academic status.

Defer Payment / Payroll Deduct: 
This application will allow myProxy users to select or remove the Deferred Payment Plan or Payroll Deduction on the Fee Bill.

Directory Information: 
This application allows the myProxy user to view the current addresses you have on file with the University.

Fee Bill: 
This application allows the myProxy user to obtain your current fee bill information with the option to pay your fee bill by bank draft or credit card thereby completing your registration.

Final Grades: 
This application allows the myProxy user to view and print the following information regarding courses attempted for any semester or term: Course and section numbers, Grades earned, Credit hours carried, Credit hours earned, Quality points earned, Grade-point averages earned.

Personal Schedule: 
This application allows the myProxy user to view your current and future course schedules.  The schedule includes the following information: Courses and section numbers, Credit hours, Meeting times and days, Classroom assignments.

Student Holds: 
This application allows the myProxy user to view any registration holds that prevent you from scheduling courses and/or paying your fee bill.

Tax Documents:  
This application allows the myProxy user to view and print your tax documents.

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