WordPress: Publish a Post or Page

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Publish Box

Contains buttons that control the state of your post.

The main states are Published, Pending Review, and Draft.

  • A Published status means the post has been published on your blog for all to see.
  • Pending Review means the draft is waiting for review by an editor prior to publication.
  • Draft means the post has not been published and remains a draft for you.
  • If you select a specific publish status and click the update post or Publish button, that status is applied to the post.
    • For example, to save a post in the Pending Review status, select Pending Review from the Publish Status drop-down box, and click Save As Pending. (You will see all posts organized by status by going to Posts > Edit). To schedule a post for publication on a future time or date, click "Edit" in the Publish area next to the words "Publish immediately".
    • You can also change the publish date to a date in the past to back-date posts. Change the settings to the desired time and date.
    • You must also hit the "Publish" button when you have completed the post to publish at the desired time and date.

Visibility - This determines how your post appears to the world.

  • Public posts will be visible by all website visitors once published.
  • Password Protected posts are published to all, but visitors must know the password to view the post content.
  • Private posts are visible only to you (and to other editors or admins within your site)


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