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How to Create & Register a New Student Organization For details on how to Create and Register a New Student Organization, please view the Registered Student Organization Handbook on...
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What is the LSU Wi-Fi network called? Eduroam How do I connect to eduroam? Quick Guide: ...
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General Information The LSU Dairy Store is an on-campus, student-staffed food store that sells many dairy products like ice cream, shakes, and cheeses, along with meats, sandwiches, chips, soft...
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General Information As part of a Student Tech Fee initiative, the University installed several phone charging stations around campus — two in LSU Library and one in the third floor Union computer lab. Since then, more charging stations have been added to various locations around campus. Cell Phone Charging...
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General Information TurningPoint Clickers are devices that allow a student to respond in real-time to in-person polls, quizzes, surveys, and more. Instructors can see the results live and collect or display...
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Generating Reports/Report Types There are eight types of session reports. Each report can be customized by selecting the data options on the right side of the reports window. Important: A Turning Account license is required for each participant.
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TurningPoint is a response system used for polling students. Using TurningPoint in Moodle enhances security for student responses because they must be logged in to use the system.
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Cloud Storage Services Storing your electronic data in the Cloud is a great way to keep your data Secure and Accessible. Once the internet-enabled device is configured, your data files can then be accessed, managed, and shared. ...
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LSU ITS now offers OneDrive, MS Teams, and Box to the LSU community. This article aims to assist in comparing the features of all three services for those who are trying to decide which service may best suit you and your team's needs. While OneDrive and Box are primarily file storage services, MS Teams is a group communication software with functionality similar to Slack...
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General Information ITS and the Frey Data Center are offering affordable options to allow departments to utilize available server technology. This includes Virtual Servers, Storage, and Data Center Rack Space . Services Provided & Pricing...
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